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Squid Tubes IQF

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£8.32 /kg

Frozen cleaned tubes (Head) of Squid 600gr drained weight 4-5 pieces per pack. Try cooking stuffed calamari.

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Squid Tubes Delivered Home

Frozen IQF Squid Head (Tubes) U5 size. Each pack contains 4-5 units and weighs in total 1000g gross and 600g net drained weight. From the species Todarodes Pacificus. It belongs to the Ommastrephidae family of Squid. Also called Japanese flying squid common squid or Pacific flying squid. It is fished throughout Asia from South East Asia up to the Northeastern coast of Russia. While the concentration of this squid lives around Vietnam, Japan is by far the largest consumer. Already cleaned Squid tubes making it perfect to use for any calamari ring dish. Order it today and get it delivered to your home.

Origin and Catch

Squid, found in various species across the world. The Japanese Flying Squid is one of the most common types of Squid Tubes. Caught in throughout the coast of Asia from China to Russia. Furthermore, also found on the Northwestern coast of Alaska. Furthermore, the largest concentration of this species appears concentrated around Vietnam. Mainly fished by Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean fishermen. It swims at between 100m and 500 deep. Although this Squid only lives for about one year, it can grow up to 50 cm in length. The total annual catch is approximately 300,000 tonnes, with the majority caught by Japan followed by Korea.


Cooking Japanese Flying Squid Tubes

The majority of this species of Squid Tubes consumed fresh raw in Japanese Sushi. Commonly known by its culinary name Calamari. Cleaned portions ready to cook. Squid Tubes are exactly the same as rings, just not cut into slices. Although the rings are commonly deep-fried, the tubes are more commonly stuffed, seared or grilled. With a unique and chewy texture, it can turn into creative dishes with cool twists.  Impress your dinner guests with a variety of stuffed calamari. Check out Yummly’s collection of stuffed squid recipes.


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