Smoked Kippers Whole (2)

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Smoked Kippers Whole (2)


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Smoked Kippers packed with two whole gutted fish butterfly cut. This delicious smoked product is of high quality and is prepared in a traditional . Our smoked Kippers are supplied by Bobby’s, a smoked fish specialised trader in Billingsgate Market.

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Kippers are coldsmoked herring, traditionally made with whole herring smoked and butterfly cut. The practice of smoking fish as a way of preserving seafood predates 19th-century Britain. Literature dating back to the 16th century suggests that smoking and salting fish was common practise back then. Smoked Herring (Kippers) has been a traditionally been one of the most common smoked fish due to high volumes of catch in relatively short periods of the year. Smoking the Herring makes it possible to enjoy this delicious fish all year round and it gives it a subtle smoky flavour.

Our kippers and other smoked products are supplied by our friends at Bobby’s fish in Billingsgate. Bobby’s specialise in wholesale trade of smoked and salted fish and they are known for their high quality.


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