Skate Fillets (6-7)

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Skate Fillets (6-7)

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£13.32 /kg

Thornback Skate Fillets sliced with 6-7 pieces totalling 900g net drained weight.

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Raja clavata or Thornback Skate is it is commonly called is a specie of Ray Fish in the Rajidae family. It is primarily fished in costal waters of Europe and the Atlantic coast of West Africa and the mediterranean sea of North Africa. It is often found on sedimentary seabeds such as mud, sand or gravel. The adult can grow as large as 1 meter in length, but normally not more than 85 cm. It swims at a depth of 10-300 meters and it easts crustaceans like prawns and crab.


The Thronback Skate is often found in fishmongers across the nation, and is a popular product in Britain and Europe. It is a perfect fish to bake or roast in the oven.


This product is sourced by our friends at POP Fishmongers Ltd in Billingsgate Market. They are a specialised trader of high quality Portuguese seafood. This product has been processed and packaged in Portugal.



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