Rock Lobster Tail – BOX

Rock Lobster Tail – BOX

£94.06 /kg

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£94.06 /kg

Rock Lobster tail from a Caribbean Spine lobster. The tail is individually frozen and packed.  Net weight will be between 140-150g. Ready to be cooked into an amazing dish!

Box includes 35-36 units.

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Lobster tail – The best of the best

Peeling and cracking a lobster is probably the biggest downside with this amazing shellfish. Why bother dealing with all the hassle? However, you can get all the best parts of the lobster with no hassle. Did you know that the tail contains the majority of the meat in one piece? Just buy all the best part of the lobster with this amazing rock lobster tail. The tail has a high concentration of succulent and delicious meat. As a result, each of these amazing tails contains around 5oz (140g) of pure meat. Individually packed and frozen this lobster tail is ready to cook into your favorite lobster meal. Furthermore, get this amazing product delivered straight to your home.

The Carribean Rock/Spiny Lobster

This Rock Lobster tail comes from a Caribbean Spine Lobster. The Spine lobster normally lives on reefs and in mangroves in the western part of the Atlantic ocean. The scientific name of this lobster is Panulirus Argus, but the common name is Spiny Lobster due to the entire body being covered in spines. Resulting in a  notorious look with two large spines sticking out of its head pointing forward like horns. This is all for defense and protection against predators.

The lobster tail is of a brown/yellow color tone. The Spiny lobster can reach 60cm in length but is typically around 20cm. The Spiny Rock Lobster differs from the Canadian lobster in the sense that most of the meat is in the tail. A lot of chefs prefer this type of lobster as the meat is a low hassle and easy to cook.

Boil, grill, broil, fry or bake the amazing lobster tail to perfection. As with the rest of the lobster, it goes well with some garlic butter or mixed in with pasta or salad. An easy way of cooking lobster tail is by cutting it out of the shell and baking it with garlic and paprika butter. It only takes about 12-15 minutes on 225c and requires very little preparations. Also, check out our other lobster products at our lobster shop.


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