Redfish Steaks (9)

Redfish Steaks (9)


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IQF Frozen Steaks of Norwegian Deepwater Redfish. Pack comes with 9 steaks totalling 850g net weight and 1000g gross weight. Redfish has a firm and dense texture, making it a perfect fish to fry or grill.

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Seabasted Mentalla or Deepwater redfish that lives between 300 and 1000 meters deep primarily in the North Atlantic sea. Redfish as a mild and sweet flavour which works well with a large variety of herbs and spices. The fish swims in the cold northern deep sea, so it generally moves at a slow paste. This gives the fish a delicious dense texture and a lot of “juice”. The firm and moisture texture of the fish makes it ideal to be grilled or fried.

Redfish prefers to swim in really cold water on a rocky seabed, which makes the North Atlantic perfect. It mostly eat plankton, but the larger once eats smaller fish. They can be found in the  eastern coast of Greenland, across the North Atlantic and around the Faroe Islands, as far east as coast of Norway and up to the Barents Sea.

This redfish is supplied by Polydor Seafoods in Billingsgate Market. This specific one was caught in the Norwegian Sea and processed in China.


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