Plaice Slices (12-15)

Plaice fish steaks delivered home

Plaice Slices (12-15)

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£11.10 /kg

IQF frozen slices of American Plaice. Each pack contains between 12-15 pieces with a total net drained weight of 900g. This product is ready to be cooked!

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Hippoglossoides Platessoides or American Plaice is a North Atlantic flatfish that belongs to the Pleuronectidae family. It lives in the areas of Greenland to Labrador in Canada to Rhode Island USA. They live on soft bottoms like mud at depth ranging from 10 to 3000 meters. It is mostly found at a depth range of 90 and 250 meters and can be up to 80cm long.


Plaice has a white flesh with a tender texture and subtle flavour. It is commonly used in fish and chips as it works well deep fried.


This product is sourced by our friends at POP Fishmongers Ltd in Billingsgate Market. They specialise on high quality Portuguese seafood trade. The fish has been processed and packed in Portugal.


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