Pepper Smoked Mackerel

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Pepper Smoked Mackerel


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Two fillets of smoked fresh Scottish mackerel totalling 200g with a coating of crushed black pepper. Smoking preserves the fish and gives it a strong lovely smoky flavour and the pepper adds a little kick. This fish is perfect on the breakfast table!


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Scottish Mackerel is an Atlantic Mackerel by the specie Scomber scombrus. It swims in the Mediterranean sea, black sea and the northern atlantic ocean. Mackerel is an luxurious oily fish with a strong flavour and a high level of omega 3. This fish is commercially important to many countries and is consumed worldwide. Mackerel is a sensitive fish and spoils quickly, which is why it is often eaten salted, smoked or pickled.


Our smoked mackerel is supplied by Bobby’s Fish in Billingsgate Market. Bobby’s is a specialised trader in smoked fish.


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