Pangasius Steaks (5)

Pangasius Steaks (5)


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5 Pangasius/Basa steaks IQF frozen with a total of 720g per pack

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Pangasius or Basa fish as it is more commonly referred to is a type of shark catfish. The fish is native to tropical asian areas and it is a freshwater fish. It is typically a low cost protein source, and is a common fish eaten in several parts of Asia. The fish is also sold as “Swai” in the US and “Panga” in Europe. Vietnam exports a large portion of the Pangasius sold in Europe. This product comes sliced in steaks, so it is ready to cook.


Here at Wharfseafood, we source our Pangasius with Polydor Seafoods in Billingsgate Market. Polydor specialises on Exotic fish at a competitive price.


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