Oscietra Caviar 30g


Oscietra Caviar 30g

Oscietra Caviar 30g

£1,333.00 /Kg (Net)

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£1,333.00 /Kg (Net)

Premium Oscietra caviar from the Caspian sea. Served in a vacuum sealed metal tin totalling 30g. This amazing caviar has a rich taste of creamy hazelnut. Our product is supplied by Caviar de Beluga, a high quality UK based caviar distributor.

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Common Name

Ocietra Caviar


Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii



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Catch Method


Country of Origin

Caspian Sea


Caviar de Beluga


The Ocsietra caviar is the eggs from the Russian Sturgeon, which primarily lives in the Caspian Sea. The fantastic eggs of the Russian Sturgeon gives the caviar a unique flavour famous for its creamy hazelnut taste. The Russian Sturgeon is mostly found in the Caspian sea. The Caspian sea is the worlds larges lake and is located between Europe and Asia. It the lake is surrounded by Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkmenistan. Although this salt water lake is home to many unique species, it is mostly famous for its amazing caviar.

We are supplied this product by our neighbour at our packing facility in Park Royal, London. Caviar de Beluga is a well established specialised caviar distributor. They supply a variety of speciality caviar shops, restaurants and local distributors. They also operate their own shop in Paris, which can be considered the “caviar capital” of the world. Caviar de beluga is a premium supplier, and we can guarantee that the product is of excellent quality and has been handled by experienced caviar professionals.


Oscietra caviar has a deep brown golden colour. This caviar can be eaten on its own or used as a topping for a variety of dishes. All you have to do is pop the champagne and enjoy this exquisite taste. Most would argue that you should only eat Ocietra Caviar with a spoon made of Mother of Pearl or bone. A metal spoon could influence the delicate flavour of the eggs.


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