Octopus Whole 3-4kg (1)

Whole large octopus frozen on delivery

Octopus Whole 3-4kg (1)


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Premium Quality 3-4kg whole octopus from Spain. Boil and grill to perfection to create the ultimate seafood feast meal for the family.

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Octopus Vulgaris or Common Octopus is a mollusc belonging to the Cephalopoda family. It is often reffered to as common Octupus as it is the most studied octopus in the world. It is found in the Atlantic Sea, throughout the Mediterranean Sea, off the southern coast of England and all the way south to at least Senegal in Africa. It hunts at dusk, and it prefers eating crabs, crayfish and two shelled mussels, but will eat anything he can catch. It is a master at camouflage and can easily change colours to blend in with the background.  It will grow as large as 25cm in mantle length with legs up to 1 meters.


Octopus is loved all over the world and is often boiled and grilled to perfection. Our product is a Spanish octopus sourced by our friends at POP Fishmongers Ltd. POP is a Portuguese seafood specialised trader based in Billingsgate Market.


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