Monkfish Loin Portions (6-8)

frozen monkfish loin delivered home

Monkfish Loin Portions (6-8)

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£13.32 /kg

Sliced loin of Monkfish IQF frozen with between 6 to 8 pieces totalling 900g net drained weight. Skinned and ready to be cooked.

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Lophius Litulon or Monkfish, Goatfish and Frogfish is a part of the Lophius family. It is found in the coast of Japan, Korea, and throughout the Yellow and East China seas. It swims at a depth of 25-560 meters and is often found in sandy mud bottoms. This deepwater fish reaches up to 1.5 meters length, but normally ranges between 55 and 63 cm.

It is a popular fish in the whole world, in Japan it is considered a delicacy and is even used in Chinese Medicine. The meat has a firm meaty texture with a taste similar to Langoustines. Monkfish works incredible well with searing and roasting with some strong spices and herbs.

We get our product from our friends at POP Fishmongers Ltd in Billingsgate Market. They specialise on high quality Portuguese seafood. The product has been processed and packed in Portugal.



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