Lobster Whole Cooked


Lobster Whole Cooked

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£39.98£33.98 /kg

This magnificent Canadian lobster has been cooked and frozen at sea for maximum freshness. Once you have cracked this lobster open, it is ready to eat! Pour some tasty butter on top of the meat or panfry or grill for a perfect crispy surface.

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We all love cooked lobsters! The best way of enjoying this incredible shellfish is by boiled with garlic butter. This product is already boiled at sea for maximum freshness and is actually ready to eat. All you have to do is defrost and start eating. One lobster gives you approximately 500g. Making it perfect as a dinner portion or for sharing as a starter. 

General Information

American or Canadian Lobster is of the species Homarus americanus. It lives on the Atlantic coast of the USA and Canada. However, it is mostly found north of New Jersey. In order to hide from enemies, this shellfish normally lives in rocky shallow waters. Traditionally found at around 4-50 meters, but can also live as deep as 500 meters. The American Lobster thrives in cold waters and can grow to weigh more than 20kg. As a result, the Lobster is the heaviest crustacean in the world. Through carbon dating, a claw dating back to the ice age suggests that the specie is particularly old.

Lobster as a food

Lobster is a symbol of luxury, but that wasn’t always the case. As a matter of fact, this shellfish was originally considered poverty food and even fish bait. Furthermore, it was commonly served as food in prisons and considered a taboo food. In the 19-century foodies in large cities like New York started experimenting lobsters in food. In effect, the upper class started developing a taste for delicacy. Eventually, innovation and technology made it possible to transport alive. Suddenly making it enabling the industry to circumvent the short shelf life.

We source this lobster from in our friends in Billingsgate. Fished in the USA and boiled and frozen at sea makes this product as fresh as possible when defrosted. You will be amazing when you realise how easily you can enjoy a lobster. Check out all of our other seafood products at our shop




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