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Fresh wild local Turbot weighing between 900g and 1000g. This amazing flatfish is popular across Europe both wild and farmed. Our Turbot is wild-caught off the coast of England.

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Turbot Fish Delivered Home

Turbot fish – a round flatfish of the species Scophthalmus maximum. It belongs to the Scophthalmidae family of fish. A demersal fish, which lives in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean. It also occurs in the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. There are several theories of why this fish got its name. However, it seems to be a reference to its round shape. Identically to other flatfish, it has both eyes on one side of the body. This is a delicious fish with a distinctive flavour. Get this British Fresh Wild Turbot fish delivered home at wharfseafood now! This product is sourced from highly experienced suppliers in Billingsgate Market.

Habitat and Growth

Turbot lives in shallow waters and normally at a depth of 80m. As a matter of fact, the fish hides in the muddy and sandy bottoms and is very good at blending in. It is a predator good at hunting other fish. By hiding on the banks it can easily attack its prey with an element of surprise. Turbot fish can grow to as much as 100cm long and weigh up to 25kg. However, normally caught at around 2kg and 20-30cm long. It is one of the largest flatfish in the world. A highly sought after fish with a high value.

The Turbot War

It is a great commercial value and has even started an international dispute named the Turbot War. This war was a fishing area territorial conflict. In the first place, Canada claimed that European vessels were illegally overfishing Turbot in NAFO regulated territory outside its borders. On March 9th, 1995 a Canadian Patrol vessel opened fire against a Spanish fishing boat. Moreover, they boarded the ship and arrested the crew for illegal fishing.

Cooking with Turbot Fish

Turbot Fish is a luxury fish and a special treat. The meat is large fillets with a stark white color. Furthermore, it has large flakes with a firm texture. This delicate fish has a subtle taste of “sea” and is rich in flavour. As a result, it can be pan-fried grilled, baked or roasted. The Great British Chefs has a fantastic article on how to cook Turbot Fish.


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