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Fresh Wild Plaice


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Fresh wild whole plaice from the british coast. Weight will be approximately 700g per fish gutted.

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European Plaice Fish is a flatfish of the species Pleuronectes platessa. It belongs to the Pleuronectidea family, which consists of many types of flatfish. This flatfish lives in the coastal area from the Barent sea to the Mediterranean. As a result, is a common fish throughout Europe and has a commercial importance in many countries. Plaice thrives in muddy buttons and usually at a depth of between 10-50m. It is good it hiding for long periods in the shallow waters and move during night time. Plaice fish can survive with small construction of salt water, leading it survival in freshwater. Get a fresh British Plaice delivered straight home from wharfseafood today!


The strange look of the orange-spotted flatfish

The Plaice fish has a very distinctive look with a dark brownish colour. Furthermore, it has irregular orange spots across its body. As with most other flat fish, it has both eyes on one side of the body. The asymmetrical face with both eyes makes it easier for the Plaice fish to understand its surroundings. This fish can grow to 1m in length and weigh more than 7kg. However, mostly found at between 50-60cm. The fish has an oval shape with a small head. The European Plaice is good at hiding. As a result, the oldest Plaice fish in recorded history was 50 years.


Cooking with Plaice fish

Plaice has a very distinctive Umami taste and stands out amongst flatfish. The texture is very delicate and works well paired with crispy textures. Therefore, battered Plaice is very popular. Especially popular in countries where fish and chips is famous. Plaice can also be steamed or grilled and paired with a large variety of sauces. BBC goodfood has an amazing recipe for grilled Plaice fish with hot vinaigrette. It is a healthy and tasty fish dish that will stand out remarkably at a dinner party with your friends.



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