Fresh Wild Lemon Sole

whole fresh lemon sole

Fresh Wild Lemon Sole

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£25.70 /kg

Fresh Wild British Lemon Sole whole gutted with a weight of approximately 700g.

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Lemon sole is a flatfish from the Pleuronectidae family. The species Microstomus kitt is native to Nothern Europe. It lives on stony bottoms in shallow seas around the North Atlantic Ocean. It can grow up to 3kg in weight and be as long as 65cm. However, normally caught at 20 cm and slightly below 1kg. This creature can live to be around 17 years old. Mostly it feeds on worms and small invertebrates. The UK is the largest catcher of Lemon Sole followed by Iceland and Scandinavia. The total annual EU catch quota for this fascinating fish is around 7000 tonnes. To illustrate, over half of which normally is caught by UK vessels. Get an amazing fresh British Lemon Sole delivered straight home at wharfseafood.

A strange-looking fish

As most other flatfish, the Lemon Sole is a right-eyed fish. Flatfish are notorious due to their flat shape and asymmetrical skull with both eyes on the same side of the face. Interestingly, they are born symmetrical with the eye on each side of the body. A few days after hatching, one eye starts migrating to the other side of the body. Eventually, both eyes are on the same side giving the fish a strange look. The Pleuronectidea family all have the same notorious look. Reason being that they live on the bottom of the ocean, and having both eyes on the same side gives them a better overview of the surroundings.

Cooking with Lemon Sole

Lemon Sole has a mild and sweet taste with a flaky texture. The meat is very delicate and tender. The fish is very lean, making it easy to overcook. Lemon sole is best to bake, steam or grill. Due to the mild flavor, mix it with light seasoning and simple sauces. You don’t want to overpower the delicious flavors of the fish. The BBC has a range of fantastic recipes for Lemon Sole. Why not try to make deep-fried goujons this weekend?




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