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Fresh Tuna Loin Sashimi Grade (XL) – BOX

£20.99 /kg

Excellent quality fresh sashimi graded Tuna loin weighting approximately 3kg. This is a perfect restaurant product!

Box includes 3 units.

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Weight 10 kg
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Fresh Frozen

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Thunnus Albacares

Tuna Loin of the species Thunnus Albacares. Also known as Yellowfun tuna. It is one of the largest of the Tuna species. The largest reported size is 200kg in weight and 2.4m in length. However, traditionally caught at 170kg and below 2m in length. Albacared is a pelagic fish and normally swims in the top sunny layer of the Pelagic zone. Tuna is the Ferrari of the fish and can swim up to 80km per hour. As a result, it can cross the Atlantic ocean in a matter of 1-2 months. Get your amazing Yellowfin Tuna Loin delivered home at


Catch and Habitat

Thunnus Albacares lives in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Ocean. However, the majority of the catch happens in the Pacific Ocean. Yellowfin tuna loin is perfect for Sushi and enjoyed raw. Modern commercial fishermen use surrounding nets to catch Tuna. As a matter of fact, Surrounding nets are the most common way of commercial fishing across all species today. Yellowfin Tuna is a commercially important fish in tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

The Loin of the Tuna

Due to the size and price of this Tuna, we only sell the Tuna Loin Portions. It is one of the most common tuna species and it in high demand in the worldwide market. Tuna is also a hard fish to fillet, so consumers and chefs prefer the loin meat.  It does not contain any bones or skin. It is ready to cook or be eaten raw. The Tuna Loin is the cleanest meat cut from the backbone of the tuna.


Our Tuna Loin XL is sourced from Billingsgate Market. We work with our suppliers to ensure a high-quality product. As a result, some of our customers are sushi restaurants that serve this product as sashimi tuna. Our product normally comes from the Indian Ocean. Particularly from India or Sri Lanka. The weight will be above 3kg and the colour is pink or red.



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