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Fresh Skate Wing

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£17.98 /kg

Fresh British Skate wing weighing approximately 500g.

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Skate Wing is the side fins of the Skate/Ray fish. Skate is a term for a mix of over 150 species belonging to the Rajidae family. It is a group of species related to sharks and stingrays. This is a cartilaginous fish. Chondrichthyes consist of around 1000 species of fish that has a flexible skeleton made of cartilage instead of bone.  Cartilage is a firm tissue that is softer than bones. This is what makes up our nose, ears and joints.  Additionally, Chondrichthyes have paired fins on the side made for stabilization and steering, this is what we call Skate Wings. We call these pectoral fins. The pectoral fins on the Skate is the only part of the skate worth eating. Order your fresh British caught skate wing at wharfseafood and get it delivered straight home! Supplied to you straight from Billingsgate Fish Market.

The body of the skate

The Rajidae or Skate has a flat body shape with flat pectoral fins. The fins extend the length and width of the body and take up a large portion of the mass of the fish. Therefore, we refer to them as skate wings. Due to the position of the gills, the fish can bury its body almost entirely in the mud to hide will still maintaining espiratory functions. The skate is a deepwater fish and often found at 3000m depth. Caught all across the world and considered a popular fish in North America and parts of Europe. The Skate wing is the only part of commercial significance. As a result, we only offer the best part of the fish skinned and ready to cook.

Cooking the skate wings

Skate Wings have a strong distinctive flavour with a fibrous texture. Furthermore, the flesh is firm and has a light pink colour. Many claim that the taste is similar to that of shellfish and especially scallops. The wings can be grilled, steamed or panfried. BBC has a great recipe for panfried Skate Wings with caper butter sauce and olive mash.


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