Fresh Seabream Whole (1)(S)

Sea bream gilt head bream delivered home

Fresh Seabream Whole (1)(S)


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Premium Quality Fresh Turkish Sea Bream / Gilt Head Bream 400-600g. Sold in individual units. Healthy, delicious, and affordable fish.

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Fresh Farmed Sea Bream from Turkey delivered home

Sea Bream also called Gilt Head Bream is a white fish of the species Sparus aurata. It comes from the Sparidae family of bream. The most consumed of all bream fish. Extremely popular in the Mediterranean countries. Moreover, called Dorada in Spanish, Orata in Italian, and Daurade in French. The Gilt Head Sea Bream has a notorious look with a gold-colored spot between its eyes. Order yourself a fresh farmed Sea Bream and get it delivered straight home. In order to give you a fresh product, we source all fresh fish on the day of your delivery from our friends in Billingsgate Market.

Habitat, production, and origin

The Sea Bream is a saltwater fish that swims in the Northeastern part of the Atlantic and throughout the Mediterranean sea. Typically found at between 0 and 30m but can also go as deep as 150m. It thrives in seagrass and on sandy bottoms. Moreover, it comes out in the estuaries during springtime. Not commonly caught wild but is an ideal fish for cultivation. In comparison, while only between 6000 and 9000 tonnes caught wild, over 140 000 tonnes farmed Sea Bream produced per year. For centuries, the Gilt Head Bream farming in saltwater ponds and coastal lagoons has been popular. In the 1980s, Greece and Turkey pioneered extensive production methods allowing for large-scale production of this delicious fish.

Cooking Gilt Head Sea Bream

Gilt Head Bream is a widely used fish in Mediterranean cuisine and is popular across Europe. It has a mild and sweet flavor with medium oil content. It is a white meat fish with a tender yet firm texture. A fantastic candidate if you want to braise or stew it, though equally succulent to steam, poach, fry, bake or sauté. The BBC Good Food has an incredible recipe for Tandoori spiced gilt head bream from the MasterChef Dhruv Baker.

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