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Fresh Seabass Whole (1)(L)

£13.32 /kg

Premium Quality Fresh Turkish Sea Bass 800-1000g. Sold in individual units.

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Seabass Family

Seabass is a common name for a group of fish from the Serranidae family. Although the family contains about 475 species, the most common is the European Bass. All the fish in the bass family generally has a long and thin body. Furthermore, the bass generally has a straight-edged tail and dorsal fin. The Bass family are active swimmers. As a result, the bass can escape from predators due to speed and agility. Seabass are carnivorous, meaning that they feed on other fish and mollusks in the ocean.

European Bass

Our product is European Bass or common Bass. The species called Dicentrarchus labrax. This is a white fish native to the Atlantic coast. The European Large Seabass can be found wild but is commonly cultivated in aquaculture ponds. In the Mediterranean, this particular type of large bass fish is the most important commercial fish. Initially, it was the second fish farmed at a large scale commercially in Europe. Traditionally cultivation happened in coastal lagoons and tidal reservoirs on a small scale. In 1960 France and Italy pioneered in developing cutting edge technology for large scale farming of the European Bass.

Subsequently, the European large Bass fish is one of the most important species of fish in the world. Presently, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Croatia, and Egypt controls the majority of the production.

Cooking With Large Seabass Fish

Bass is popular as it has a mild flavor, high nutritional value, and low production cost. Popular both at home and in restaurants. Known for its juicy and firm texture. Pan-fried, carpaccio, griddled, or baked, which makes it such a great fish is how easily it adapts to most recipes. Jamie Oliver has an amazing recipe for grilled sea bass with caramelized fennel. Order your sea bass today and get it delivered to your home!


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