Fresh Salmon Whole (M) – BOX

Fresh Salmon Whole (M) – BOX

£7.99 /kg

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£7.99 /kg

Fresh Atlantic Salmon whole gutted 2-3kg per fish. Amazing taste and incredible nutritional value.

Box includes 4 units.

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Fresh Whole Salmon

Fresh whole salmon is some of the most nutritious food on the planet. Particularly known as an incredible source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Salmon tastes amazing and goes well as the main protein in many dishes. The fresh Salmon can be, raw, pan-fried, grilled, baked, smoked, or poached. Buy the whole salmon to get the best value for money. Be creative with all the pieces of the salmon. You can even make a delicious and healthy soup from the head. Bake the whole salmon or just the fillets and make some sushi while you are at it.

The backstory of the Whole Salmon

This whole salmon belongs to the Salmonidae family. Which is the same as several other popular species such as trout. Salmon is native in the cold waters of the North Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.  Today, most salmon consumed are farmed in either Norway, Scotland or Chile. Scotland and Norway are the largest farming nations for this amazing fish. The salmon is a strong fish and it likes being challenged with strong currents and cold climates. As a result, it thrives in the Norwegian fjords and the Scottish coasts.

Salmon in Sushi

Norway pioneered the farming of whole salmon in the 60s. Soon the industry saturated the Norwegian demand. With an increase in farming efficiency, the industry had to market the salmon internationally. In 1985, a Norwegian delegation of salmon farmers and government representatives went to Japan to promote raw salmon. In 1986, the Norwegians started advertising raw salmon to Japanese consumers. The project was successful. Resulting in salmon becoming a popular fish in Japan. Salmon has  Furthermore, sushi picked up as an international trend in the early 2000s. In its international trend, salmon has been everyone’s favourite fish in sushi.


Our whole salmon is always either Norwegian or Scottish depending on market supply. We source the whole salmon from our Friends in Billingsgate Market and accept only the freshest salmon of Superior Quality. Salmon is one of our most popular products and we are proud of offer this amazing product at an incredible price.

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