Fresh Rainbow Trout (S) (3x300g)

rainbow trout whole

Fresh Rainbow Trout (S) (3x300g)

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£11.10 /kg

Fresh small rainbow trout weighing approximately 300g. Pack includes 3-4 fish weighing a total of 900g.

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Rainbow Trout is of the specie Oncorhynchus mykiss. It is a species of salmonid and it is native to the Pacific Ocean both in North America and parts of Asia. It primarily lives in the coastal areas.  The trout is an anadromous fish. Meaning it return to freshwater to spawn, while it lives in the ocean. As a result, it is an ideal fish to farm in aquaculture ponds. Furthermore, introduced in over 45 countries across all continents of the world. In the majority of the non-native areas, the trout is an invasive species. Resulting in the trout upsetting the natural ecosystem and interfering with native species.   Get your fresh Dorset Rainbow trout delivered home from wharfseafood.

Fishing and Farming

Normally, found between 300g and 4kg. However, spotted up to 20kg with a length of over 1 meter. The trout is a predator and it normally hunts insects, crustaceans and some small fish. Named after the colour of its skin, it has a beautiful array of colours on its back. Trout is a popular fish and has great commercial importance across the world. It is easier and cheaper to produce than Salmon. Farmed in Dorset, our product is of excellent quality. The Dorset region is one of the most productive areas for fish farming production in the UK. Moreover, Dorset is particularly famous for its trout.

Cooking with Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout is a delicious fish, and has a similar taste and texture to salmon. With a rich flavour and soft texture it is impossible to mess up the cooking. It is perfect to bake, sear or BBQ. Rainbow trout is often served with roasted vegetables. The BBC good food has an amazing recipe of herb baked trout with horseradish, lemon and herbs. Invite some friends over this weekend and impress them with a healthy and delicious trout meal.


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