Fresh Monkfish Tail – BOX

Fresh Monkfish Tail – BOX


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Fresh wild british caught Monkfish tail weighing approximately 1kg.

Box includes 10 units.

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Weight 10 kg
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The monkfish or Angler is a fish of the Lophius Piscatorius species. It lives in coastal regions in the northeast Atlantic. It primarily swims from the Barent Sea in the North East to the Strait of Gibraltar in the southwest. However, it can swim in the Mediterranean and the black sea. The angler or Monkfish has recently become an important commercial fish in the North Atlantic. It has a long and thin tail and a flat and wide head. Many people believe that it looks hideous. However, everyone agrees it is tasty. You can get your fresh monkfish tail delivered straight to your home at

General Information about the monkfish

The Monkfish can weigh up to 100kg and can reach 200cm in length. However, normally it will be around 1-2kg and between 30-60cm long when fished. It swims in water of between 20m to 1000. The monkfish is traditionally classified as a deep water fish and thrives in deep waters. It enjoys muddy and sandy bottoms, but can also be found on rocky grounds. The “Angler” looks a bit rough on the outside, so it can easily camouflage with the seabed.

The Anglerfish – A true predator

The Monkfish is an excellent hunter and a true predator of the sea. The front part of its dorsal fin is used as lure/bait to attract the attention of the prey. The Angler can then move this fin in front of its mouth and attack with its large and sharp teeth. Due to its large mount, it can swallow small fish whole without chewing. As a result, the Monkfish is also called Anglerfish.

Cooking with Monkfish Tail

The majority of the meat in the monkfish is in the tail. As a result, we only sell the tail and not the whole fish. It has a mild and slightly sweet taste. The meat is firm and dense, and has a low proportion of bones. Many chefs would argue that it is similar to lobster and scallop meat. Jamie Oliver has an amazing recipe of grilled Monkfish with black olive sauce and lemon mash.



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