Fresh Haddock Fillet

Fresh Haddock fillet delivered home

Fresh Haddock Fillet

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£17.99 /kg

Fresh British Haddock fillet of approximately 1kg. This fillet is perfect for a fantastic fish&chips meal for the family.

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Fresh Haddock Fillet Delivered home

Haddock Fillet from the North Atlantic Ocean. Caught on the British coast and delivered fresh. Haddock is of the species Melanogrammus aeglefinus. This is the same family as cod. As a result, this fish is very similar to Cod. This white fish lives in the North Atlantic Ocean. Especially popular in the United Kingdom as it is one of the most popular fish to use in Fish & Chips. Additionally, this amazing fish smoked is extremely popular. Respectively, Haddock Fillet is the way to purchase this amazing fish. Get your fresh 1kg British Haddock fillet delivered home now. We source our haddock from Billingsgate Market. Therefore, we can guarantee a fantastic fresh product of high quality.

Catch and Growth

Haddock, normally filled at the boat and distributed directly to fishmarkets and fishmongers from the boats. It lives in the North Atlantic Ocean. However, the majority of the fish swims in the easter part of the Atlantic. This white fish thrives in cold water at a depth of 80-200m.  The fish can grow up to 94cm and weigh up to 11kg. However, more commonly caught at between 40-70cm and weigh 1-2kg. In Northern Europe, Haddock is a commercially important fish. In total, between 300,000-400,000 tonnes caught every year. The UK represents the largest portion with around half of the total catch.

Cooking with Haddock Fillet

Haddock is a white fish with a mild and sweet taste. Lean and firm meat with a medium flaky texture. Compared to Cod, it is finer and more tender as well as sweeter in taste. Moreover, fillet is the most popular way of buying this fish. Haddock is extremely popular in the UK and the rest of Europe as it is the most common fish used in Fish & Chips. Additionally, popular due to a dish called Finnan Haddie. Batter, fry, grill, steam or smoke this fish to perfection. Due to its mild flavour, it is recommended to mix haddock with strong flavours and spices. Great British Chefs have a great article on how to cook haddock fillet.


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