Fresh Grey Mullet Whole (1)

fresh grey mullet fish delivered home

Fresh Grey Mullet Whole (1)


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Fresh whole Grey Mullet gutted. Sold as individual fish weighing between 1 and 2kg. We will always try to send you a fish weighing 1.5kg

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Fresh Grey Mullet Fish Delivered Home

Thinlip Grey Mullet is a pelagic fish of the species Liza Ramada. It belongs to the Mugilidae family of mullets. This pretty looking fish has a short flat head with an elongate shaped body. Commonly found in tropical and subtropical zones. However, there are species of Mullet fish appearing in the Northeastern Atlantic ocean. It has a beautiful silver colour along its sides with a darker olive colour on the top. The belly is white with a pink tone. Covered in large thick scales across the body. Extremely popular in Asia but also consumed in Europe and North America. Mix up your diet with a grey mullet delivered straight to your home. We source this fresh fish from our friends in Billingsgate Market on the day of your delivery.

Habitat and Origin

The Grey mullet is pelagic and primarily found in coastal and estuarine habitats, including lagoons, estuaries, and rivers. It swims in shallow waters of between 0 to 120 meters deep. Concentrated across the Atlantic Ocean, but also familiar to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea amongst others. The mullet fish is mostly caught wild but has limited farming production across the world. Eygpt is the largest aquaculture producer of this amazing fish. The Grey Mullet can grow to a size of over 1 meter in length and weigh as much as 8kg.  However, most commonly caught at around 20cm with a weight of between 1 and 2kg.

Cooking Grey Mullet Fish

Grey Mullet fish is unique with a strong distinctive flavour. Moreover,  Most would argue that it has an almost earthy taste. Be careful when cooking this fish as it can easily get overcooked and dry. It is recommended to steam, bake or grill the mullet fish. Furthermore, pair it with some strong flavors to balance the strong almost muddy flavor. Be creative and check out this interesting recipe for Tandoori baked grey mullet from the Guardian.

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