Fresh Dover Sole Whole XL (1)

Fresh cornish dover sole delivered home

Fresh Dover Sole Whole XL (1)


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Premium quality fresh Dover Sole from the UK. The fish is gutted and is sold in individual quantity with the size ranging from 567 to 680g.


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Fresh caught Wild British Dover Sole

Dover Sole, or Common Sole is a flatfish of the species Solea Solea. It belongs to the Soleidae family. In the UK, we call this amazing fish the Dover, while in the rest of the world the name Common Sole or Black Sole is more common. It is the most sought after of the Sole fish. Moreover, one of the most popular flatfish in Europe. The Dover is brown on the upper side and white on the underside. Similar to other flatfish, it has both eyes on its right side of the body. This is a highly-priced fish with a great commercial value in Europe. Order yourself a fresh wild-caught British Dover sole and get it delivered straight to your home. In order to get you a fresh product, we source the fresh fish on the day of your delivery from our friends in Billingsgate Market.

Habitat and Origin

The Dover Sole swims primarily in the Northern part of the Atlantic sea and throughout the Mediterranean sea. It can reach 70cm in length and weigh several kilos. However, normally caught at 500g and about 15cm in length. It thrives on sandy and muddy waters and swims from the shore all the way to a depth of 300m. Normally found in British water throughout the summer. However, migrates to the southern part of the North Atlantic during the winter months. In the UK, it got its name as the majority of this fish landed in the fishing port Dover on the southern coast of England.

Cooking Dover Sole

The Dover sole is a timeless classic, largely considered to be the greatest of all soles. It has a mildly sweet flavour with firm and flaky meat. You can either skin and fillet the fish or cook it whole. However, you can also eat it steamed, sautéed or poached. Regardless, the result will give out a deliciously round flavour, with a rich texture of small flakes. The BBC Good Food has an amazing recipe for pan-fried Dover Sole with a tomato compote.

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