Fresh Cod Fillet (1)

Fresh cod fillet delivered home

Fresh Cod Fillet (1)

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£19.99 /kg

Fresh fillet of UK caught Atlantic Cod. Sold as individual fillets ranging from 800g to 1kg. We will always try to get you a fillet of 1kg.

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Fresh Atlantic Cod Fish Fillet Delivered Straight Home

The Atlantic Cod fish is of the species Gadus morhua. A saltwater fish member of the Gadidae family. Arguably the most popular and loved fish in Northern Europe. Cod has a distinctive appearance with its little “beard” sticking out of its mouth. Moreover, dark brown to green colour with a light stripe going alongside the middle of its side body. Sold as fresh, frozen, dried, salted and smoked in markets in all countries in the world. With its mild and delicate flavour, it is considered a perfect fish for a beginner. Therefore, it pairs well with any flavours and fits in with all cousins of the world. The fillet is the most popular way of buying Cod fish. Therefore, we only sell the fillet of this incredible fish to save time on preparation. Order your fresh wild-caught British Cod fillet now and get it delivered straight to your home.


Habitat and Origin

As suggested by the name, Atlantic cod fish lives in the Atlantic Ocean. From West to East and everywhere between. This majestic fish normally swims at a depth of between 150 to 200 meters. However, reported all the way down to 1000 meters at the most. This fish can get fairly large with a size of up to 2 meters. Although, more commonly caught at around 50cm to 1 meter. Cod fish has a wide commercial value. As a matter of fact, fished for an estimated thousand years in Europe. Often called the “beef of the sea” it is highly sought after across the world. Due to overfishing practices, fishing has been restricted primarily in North America. The majority of the worldwide catch comes from the European countries UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Norway.


Cooking Cod Fish

Normally, consumers prefer cooking the cod fillet. It has a mild delicate almost buttery taste. The meat is white with a firm but flaky texture. Moreover, the raw fish typically has white translucent flesh, sometimes slightly pink, that will turn opaque after cooking. Cod fish is perfect for searing, baking, poaching, broiling. However, in the UK traditionally panfried or deep-fried. Commonly used in Fish & Chips. The Great British Chefs have a good article on how to panfry cod fillet.

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