Fresh Carp Whole XL (1)

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Fresh Carp Whole XL (1)


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Fresh whole Carp weighing between 2 and 3 kg. Carp is mild in flavour and has a tender and flaky texture. This fish will give you approximately 8-9 portions.

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Order a large fresh whole carp from wharfseafood for a fantastic meal for the entire family. This amazing fish will be around 2.5kg, and will give you around 8-9 portions.

The backstory of the carp

The common carp (Cyprinus carpio) is a freshwater fish from the Cyprinidae family. Although native to Asia and Europe, the fish can be found nearly anywhere in the world. The fish is easy to cultivate as it can live under various conditions. Therefore, Carp has become the most farmed fish in the world. Considered a luxury food, the Romans cultivated the fish in pounds. Moreover, many followed the Romans and introduced carp in ponds and lakes all over the world and can now be found on every continent. In many parts of the world, this fish is an invasive species, meaning that is doing harm to the eco-system. As a result, carp fishing is strongly encouraged in most parts of the world as it reduces the population.

Looks and taste

Carp has a white tender meat, with a long strip of dark meat in the centre. Like most other freshwater fish, its surface is slimy and oily. The fish has large brown and gold striped scales giving it is notorious look.

The meat is moderately oily and has a tender and flaky texture. Consequently, the fish makes it perfect in a variety of dishes from international cuisines. You can bake it, smoke it, steam it, fry it, or turn it into a stew. Carp is very popular in eastern Europe, where the majority of this fish is farmed. Due to its popularity and easy production, carp has become a commercially important fish around the world.

We get our Carp from Billingsgate Market. It is a sought after fish in the market, and many traders sell this amazing fish.

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