Fresh Brill Whole (1)

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Fresh Brill Whole (1)

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£16.66 /kg

Fresh whole gutted Brill fish from the UK. Sold as individual fish with a weight ranging from 1 to 2 kg. We will always try to give you a fish weighing 1.5kg.

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Fresh Wild Caught British Brill Fish

Brill fish is a flatfish of the species Scophthalmus rhombus. It belongs to the Scophthalmidae family, which is the same as Turbot. It is dark in color with light spots. However, the underside of the Brill Fish is has a light pink cream color. As with most other flatfish, it has both eyes on one side of the body. Its shape and position of the eyes allow this delicious flatfish to hide on the bottom of the ocean. Order yourself a Fresh British caught Brill fish today and get it delivered straight home. We source our fresh fish the day of your order from our friends in Billingsgate Market.

Habitat and Origin

The Brill fish swims in the Northeast Atlantic, Mediterranean, Baltic, and the Black Sea. It normally swims in deep offshore waters and thrives on the button floor of the sea. This fascinating fish can weigh up to 8kg and be as long as 75cm. However, normally caught between 1 and 2kg. In British water, caught between May and December. However, caught in the rest of Europe throughout the year.

Cooking with Brill

The brill fish is a luxury food with an amazing flavour. It shared a lot of similarities with its brother the Turbot. It also shares the same sweet taste, but a milder taste. Therefore, it is well paired with strong and punchy flavours such as capers, lemon and artichokes. The meat has a light colour with a firm texture. Good to pan-fry thanks to his firm texture. However, the best way of cooking Brill is on the bone as a whole fish. Reason being that the fillets can get rather small and the bones create a unique taste experience. If you decide to fillet the Brill fish, make sure you use the bones as the base for an amazing sauce. Due to its unique flavor, you can also be creative and cure the fish. Great British Chefs has a great guide on how to cook Brill.


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