Croaker Slices (4) (Corvina)

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Croaker Slices (4) (Corvina)

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£11.10 /kg

Bronze Croaker (Corvina) slices comes IQF frozen with 4 steaks in the pack totalling 900g net drained weight. Perfect for panfrying or baking.

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Otolithoides Biauritus or Bronze Croaker is a ray-finned fish that primarily lives in the Indo-west Pacific sea. It is being fished outside Pakistan through the coast of India and Sri Lanka to the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo and Vietnam.

This fish is internationally sold as Bronze Croaker, and the Spanish speakers call it Corvina. The croaker fish works well deep fried, pan fried and baked. In Latin America, it is commonly used in ceviche which is raw corvina cooked in lime juice.

Our product is source by our friends at POP Fishmongers Ltd in Billingsgate. They specialise in high quality Portuguese seafood.


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