Cooked Atlantic Prawns (M) 5kg

Cooked Atlantic Coldwater Prawns

Cooked Atlantic Prawns (M) 5kg

£8.00 /kg

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£8.00 /kg

5kg of delicious frozen cooked atlantic coldwater prawns from Iceland. These prawns are cooked and frozen at sea for maximum freshness. The box comes with IQF frozen prawns so you can easily portion them into individual packs yourself. 1kg will contain between 90-120 units of prawn.

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Weight 5 kg
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Fresh Frozen

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These cooked atlantic prawns swims in coldwater in the northern hemisphere. Fishing for coldwater prawns is important financial source for countries such as Norway, Iceland and Greenland. These prawns are smaller in size than warmwater prawns. Cooked prawns is perfect to peel and eat with some nice bread, lemon and mayo, or cooked into your any of your favourite dishes.


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