Boiled Octopus Tentacles

boiled octopus tentacles

Boiled Octopus Tentacles


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Ready to eat boiled octopus tentacles weighing 250g. Panfry or grill to get a crispy surface. Perfect as a starter or tapa.

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Boiled Octopus Tentacles

Boiled octopus tentacles from a common octopus. Ready to eat or grilled for perfection. Why bother dealing with boiling and preparing the full octopus when you can get the best part precooked. This product is perfect for anyone looking for a quick and easy way of enjoying octopus. Pasteurized, boiled and vacuum packed for a maximum expiry date. As a result, you can stock up on this fantastic product and keep it ready in the fridge for the perfect occasion. Get your boiled octopus tentacles delivered straight home at

The Common Octopus

These boiled octopus tentacles come from the Common Octopus. Otherwise known as the Octopus Vulgaris. It is a cosmopolitan mollusc, meaning it lives all over the world. Octopus Vulgaris is a highly intelligent animal . Particularly good at hunting. Octopus tentacles, used as arms and can grow as long as 1 meter in length. It can change colours to blend in with the environment. As a result it is hard for prey to avoid. With a flexible and soft body, it can hide and escape easily. The octopus hunts during dusk and can eat pretty much anything. Known to live on rocky grounds. As a result, the octopus hides among the uneven button the of the ocean. It also possesses a venom and ink meant to subdue its prey. The octopus tentacles are used to capture the prey. Furthermore, it uses all of these techniques to protects itself against predators.


Impress friends with perfect boiled octopus tentacles

Normally, octopus is sold whole raw. This requires skills and practise to prepare. Therefore, we are offering these boiled octopus tentacles for now hassle and high enjoyment. Sourced from Billingsgate Market with an amazing quality. Impress your dinner guests with perfect grilled octopus as either tapas or starters. Allrecipes have a fantastic recipe for char-grilled octopus tentacles with lemon and fresh parsley.


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