Blue Swimming Crab

Blue swimming crab delivered home

Blue Swimming Crab

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£10.00 /kg

Frozen half-cut blue swimming crab 750g net drained weight. Try out this sweet and rich flavored crab!

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Blue Crab / Blue Swimming Crab Delivered Home

Blue Swimming Crab is a small blue coloured crab of the species Portunus pelagicus. Also called flower crab, manna crab, sand crab and cut crab. Commonly found in the coast around Australia and in the Indian/west Pacific Ocean. Our product is already half-cut, so it is essentially ready to cook straight out of the packaging. Highly sought after in Australia and Southeast Asia. The meat has a rich and sweet almost buttery flavour. However, the claw meat has a more nutty taste. A great crab with an amazing flavour at a competitive price compared to other crab products in the market. Order yourself a Blue Swimming Crab and get it delivered straight to your home. In Billingsgate Market, this is a fast-selling product with high demand.


Habitat and Origin

The Blue Swimming Crab lives primarily in Southeast Asia and Australia. It can grow up to 20cm in length. However, normally caught at between 10 to 15cm. It lives in intertidal estuaries in shallow muddy waters or in seagrass. However, adults can also live in deep waters. Furthermore, it is a commercially important catch in Australia and the Indo-pacific. The body has an almost uniform dark blue colour with white stripes and spots. Blue Swimming Crab has 4 pairs of legs, 3 used for walking and 1 used for swimming. Additionally, it has a pair of long thing claws. This is an excellent swimmer and normally hides under sand during day time.


Cooking Blue Crab

Blue Swimming Crab has a sweet and rich taste. Normally cooked as most other crab products. Most people would start by boiling them in hot water followed by 10 min in cold water to stop the cooking process. Enjoy the crab in a cold dish like salad or pasta or simply grill it on a BBQ. Read this guide on how to cook this crab from an Australian food site.

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