Baby Squid Whole (Californian)

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Baby Squid Whole (Californian)


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Californian Squid is one of the most common species of Squid. It is caught from the coast of Mexico all the way up to Alaska.

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Frozen Californian Baby Squid / Calamari Delivered Home

Californian Baby Squid Block Frozen and packed in 454g boxes. Cleaned for easy preparation, so just defrost and cook. Also called Calamari, Californian Squid is of the species Doryteuthis opalescens. It belongs to the Loligindae family of squid. Swims in the eastern Pacific Ocean near the shore. It appears from Mexico all the way up to Alaska. Called Californian, due to the fact that California is the centre for the catch of this incredible Baby Squid. Order a box of frozen Royal Californian Squid and get it delivered to your home. This product is one of the most popular in Billingsgate Market, and often sold defrosted in fishmongers across London.

Origin and Catch

Squid can be found in various species across the world. Calamari is the culinary name of this funny looking mulluscs. Arguably, Californian Baby squid is one of the most sought after types. Caught throughout the West Coast of the USA. Currently, posing a significant commercial value to the US fishing industry. However, the US consumes less than 1% of its catch. Accordinly, they export the rest to markets across the world. Reason being that the international market is willing to pay a much higher price for this premium seafood than the Americans.  During day time, it hides in the continental shelf as deep as 500 meters. Although, it comes close to the shore surface to hunt during night time.


Cooking Baby Squid into a Perfect Calamari Dish

More famously known by its culinary name “Calamari”, one of the most popular seafood dishes in the world. Due to the chewy texture, normally eaten deep-fried or battered. The Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian regions by far consumes the most Baby Squid in the world. Eat it raw as sushi, battered, deep fried, stuffed and stirfried. We have all tried deep fried or battered calamari. So why not try to mix it up by cooking it seared with parsley and garlic, the true French way.


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