Prawns Head-on (S)


Prawns Head-on (S)

Net weight: 2KG

Prawns Head-on (S)

£7.00 /Kg (Net)

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£7.00 /Kg (Net)

Semi-IQF frozen Head On Shell On Vannamei King Prawns from Ecuador. One box contains between 100 to 120 units totalling net drained weight of 2kg. These prawns are a great source of protein with 22 grams per 100g as well as omega 3. This product can be deep fried, boiled, grilled, wok, and grilled, and it goes well with garlic and strong spices. We supply you this product from the farm, so we can guarantee your satisfaction.

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Weight2 kg
Common Name

King Prawns


Litopanaeus Vannamei


Head-on Shell-on

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Magna Exotic Prawns


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Wharf Trading International Ltd


Litopanaeus Vannamei or King Prawns is a specie of warm water prawns. The specie is native to South America and has become the most farmed prawns in the world. Prawns are sensitive to stress, which makes it a complicated product to farm at a high quality. Our prawns have been farmed in a low density production at traditional and artisan farms across Ecuador in South America. Ecuador is the ideal country for Vannamei farming, as they have the longest experience and best farming and processing procedures in place. A combination of the weather, feed and processes results in the most premium quality in the market. Ecuador has a great focus on sustainable and responsible farming with strict regulation on environmental footprint.

These prawns are perfect to pan fry, wok , boil or grill to perfection. Prawns can be paired with many spices and herbs and can be used as protein in a vast range of dishes.

These prawns have been supplied by ourselves. We source the prawns directly with farmers in our network in Ecuador and we process and pack them in a partnering facility within one hour drive from the farm. We guarantee that the product get frozen within a couple of hours from the harvest, making it extra fresh when you defrost it. You will find our prawns sold defrosted in high end fishmongers across London.


We source the product ourselves directly with farmers in Ecuador. Wharf has through 5 years in the business built up a large network of farmers and exporters. We are primarily looking for quality, so we focus on farmers with the ability to produce the best quality in the market.

Processing and Freezing

The prawns have been frozen and processed by our processing partners in Ecuador. We select our partners based on the quality and efficiency of the processes, their machinery and their reputation. We only work with serious processing plants with experience in exporting to European markets. We make sure the products gets processed and frozen shortly after they have been fished, which results in a more fresh product.


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