Frequently Asked Questions

That is our intention. However, during the outbreak of Covid-19, supply chains will be a little bit more unstable than usual. We make our best efforts to offer products we have confidence in the supply of. However, sometimes unexpected things happen and we might run short on certain items. In case that happens, we will contact you to figure out whether we should replace the product with something else, or offer you a refund for that product.

That would be extremely unfortunate and we would feel very sorry about it. If it were to happen, you should contact customer support so we can figure out what happened and work out a solution. We want all of our customers to be as happy as our Yummi Happy Prawns, so we will always seek to find the best possible solution for our customers.

We always try our best to only send seafood of excellent quality to all of our customers. However, fish are living creatures and they don’t all look the same. When it comes to the prawns we offer, we are proud to state that we have some of the best quality available in the UK. Read all the product specifications and descriptions as carefully as possible, we try to specify everything we can about the product.

We source on a daily basis exactly what has been ordered for the following day. We don't hold any fresh fish in inventory, we do this so we can guarantee the freshness of our products. We inspect all the fish onsite in Billingsgate before we send it to our packing facility.