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Yes. We can always design simple material such as posters, stickers etc. For larger customers, we can offer bespoke branding solutions. For example: We have in the past branded a stand in Billingsgate Market for one of our customers.
Yes and no. There are no truly 100% sustainable way of farming animal protein. However, there are ranges of sustainability in the farming sector. We only work with farmers in Ecuador in South America. Ecuador has a long tradition of prawn farming and the government has put in place strict control on Environmental Footprint, Employee care and anti child labour policies. Further to this, we conduct regular visits to our business partners in Ecuador in order to ensure that their business practises are according to our standards.

We have a team of two people based in Ecuador. Their responsibility is to scout the market in Ecuador for the best quality prawns. They will visit multiple farms and processing plants during the fishing period. When we come across the prawns we believe to be good enough, our quality control manager conducts a strict quality control on the batch. After we have made a decision to buy a batch of prawns, we send it to a processing plant in the area with close proximity to the farm. The processing plant will package the product under one of our brands and take care of the export process. The product gets loaded into a Freezer 40ft container, which is shipped to the port of Tilbury, London from the port of Guayaquil, Ecuador. 

Our offices are based in Billingsgate Fish Market (Right in front of Canary Wharf). However, we store our products in 5 different warehouses spread across Tilbury, Wembley, Romford, Thetford and Newmarket. 

Yes. Contact us for more information.

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