Frequently Asked Questions

Some are and some are not. If the product is not gutted, a label will show  NOT GUTTED on the product picture. It will also say it in the product specifications.
Some products are fresh, some are frozen, some are still alive and some are defrosted. You will see a label on the product picture with FRESH or a three-star icon Fresh icon  if the product is fresh; a snowflake icon Frozen product if the product is frozen; a heart icon Alive product if the product is alive; and a two-drops icon Frozen product if the product is defrosted. It will also say whether it is fresh, frozen, alive or defrosted in the product description and specification.

No, we do not accept returns and all sales are final. We hope you can understand that we cannot accept the return of temperature-sensitive food. If something specific was bad or if the product was spoiled, we would like to offer our most sincere apologies and ask if you would kindly fill in our complaints form here: LINK

Our company is based in the UK, at: Office 49, Billingsgate Fishmarket, Trafalgar Way, E14 5ST, London.
Yes, we deliver in all of mainland UK except for some areas in Argyll and in the Northern Highlands. See for more information.

We have spent the last 5 years building processes for handling frozen seafood from farm to wholesalers and retailers. We have created 2 brands of Ecuadorian King Prawns and distributed them to the UK, China and Spain. We consider that Food Safety and quality processes are what has made our Yummi Happy Prawns so successful in the UK market.

We ship out all of our orders with DPD, which is one of the largest logistics companies in the UK. They will deliver you a temperature controlled box, which contains frozen gel packs and thermal insulation.

Yes, £35. And there is delivery charge of £7. Special weekend delivery has an extra cost of £25 (London not included).

We are extremely sorry to hear that you have a complaint. We always make our best efforts to try to satisfy our customers. If something has gone wrong with your order, please see our customer support page here: LINK

From all over the world. We represent traders from Billingsgate Market. These traders work with fisheries and processing plants from across all continents. Billingsgate is the largest fish market in the UK, and one of the largest in the world. Most of the fishmongers in the London area sources their products from Billingsgate. All of our products have product descriptions specifying the country of origin.