About Us

About Wharfseafood

Wharf Trading International Ltd (trading as wharfseafood.co.uk) is a UK marketplace for fresh and frozen seafood. We are based in Billingsgate Market, and we offer products from ourselves and 8 partners from the Billingsgate Fish Market trading floor. We do this so you can stay safe, order high-quality seafood online and get it delivered to your home.

We started the company in 2015, selling containers of frozen Ecuadorian King Prawns to traders in Billingsgate. We launched our brands Yummi Happy Prawns and Magna Exotic Prawns in 2018 and opened up a distribution channel to fishmongers and wholesalers across London. In 2019, we established a sourcing and sales team in Ecuador and began exporting our products to China and Europe.

On wharfseafood.co.uk, we supply all the King Prawns ourselves, for which we control most of the supply chain. The other products are offered by our sourcing partners in Billingsgate. Every day at midnight, we send out a notice to the wharf vendors in the market with the packing list of today’s orders. We consolidate the orders, pack them in temperature-controlled packaging and ship them out through our logistics partner DPD.